More on Public vs. Private Life

This is a continuation of the question I asked in class about privacy and, to a certain extent, a segue from Laura’s post on Internet Privacy and Social Networking tools.

When Michael told us about imagechef I was immediately drawn to the campaign button. In this time of wall-to-wall primary coverage, I have found ways to make good use of it. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Last week I made a fun button with a message about a political party supporting a certain Harry Potter villain. I had it as my work desktop picture for about 24 hours before I decided to change it. Why?

First, I was tired of trying to cover it up every time one of my co-workers from the other side of the political spectrum came along. And second, I didn’t think it was very professional. I’m a librarian (in training) and I lead people to the information they need without personal agenda or bias.

So I joined Facebook the other day. My sister’s been bugging me to and seemed a good way to waste time experience Web 2.0 and social networking.

I’m filling out my profile, and they have a place for me to list my political and religious affiliations.

Normally, I’m not a person whose shy about sharing their opinion, even about these hot button topics. But as a future information specialist, I gave the questions pause.

Is it appropriate for me to post my personal and political beliefs where patrons may view them? Do the old rules of issue neutrality still apply in the Social Web?

I’m very new to Social Networking and don’t know the secret handshakes as yet. What do others think?


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