Group Project: Research @ Your Library

This is my part of our group project. The objective was to create a series of videos to take junior high students through the research process, from start to finish. Each of the videos was created using a different technique. I used a video game called The Sims 2 to create video clips, which I then cut together using Windows Movie Maker.  This technique is called machinima.

Overall, it was moderately easy to create the video clips, but I am familiar with the game and I researched techniques for creating videos on several sites, especially britannica dreams, a site dedicated to making machinima movies. Using Windows Movie Maker to edit my video was very straightforward. Unfortunately, I had to make a lot of cuts in WMM because of the way The Sims 2 creates movie clips. All these cuts made my movie very “complicated” which meant it couldn’t be saved as a .wmv in my version of WMM. Because I saved my movie as an .avi, it was too large to load onto Youtube in one piece.

As far as the “group” project is concerned, because we each made separate videos, the main collaborative element was deciding on the topic, splitting up information to be covered, and brainstorming techniques for video making. We tried keeping each other informed of our progress on Twitter, but the limit of 140 characters made in-depth discussion difficult. We ended up doing a lot of the final preparation over e-mail.

Enjoy my videos and the other videos from my group. We’re on YouTube, and each video is a response to the next. You can also check out their blogs: Parry with Part II , Aleks with Part III, and Ana with Part IV

Part 1

Part 2


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