Course Wrap-up

I really enjoyed all of the learning that I participated in this semester as part of LIS768. While I was familiar with many of the technology tools we used in this class, it was good to look at them anew from the perspective of the library and its users. The collaborative nature of the class, both through our discussions and in our blogging really helped to clarify issues from many points on the technology spectrum.

I think a lot of the learning we had in this class was about pushing people’s boundaries. Does this mean that every library should be Deweyless or have interactive areas like the Augmented Library? Not necessarily. But every library can take steps towards a greater level of user-centered design. Maybe a teen librarian puts up a MySpace page instead of banning MySpace. Maybe instead of banning cell phones, we text users when their books are due. There are a lot of baby steps between Library 1.0 and Library 2.0. Each library has the responsibility to determine where they and their users need to be at this moment, and be ready to re-evaluate those ideas on a regular basis.

I took this class because I became excited about the Web 2.0 technologies that I learned about in LIS753. I’m a person who loves technology and enjoys using it, especially in creative ways. However, I gained from this class not more fun tech tricks, but a better understanding of where libraries should be going, regardless of the technology they use to get there.

I hope to maintain this blog (though I said that at the end of 753) and hope to keep tabs with all of you on how we can continue to grow in this process. Thanks for all your thoughts, ideas and reality checks.


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